Septimia Maritalis

Centurion Septimia Maritalis
Half-elf Centurion
The ranking officer in charge of the remote Quelan outpost of Calcaria, Maritalis is a no-nonsense commander.  She understands that as a half-elf and a woman she has to fight doubly hard to earn the respect of the soldiers serving beneath her, and as such she brooks no disagreement, allows no dissent, and often comes across as harsh and unrelenting in her leadership style.  While she is somewhat cold and calculating, she recognizes this about herself, and knowing she can’t change, will often try to overcompensate.

Sextus Pontius Arvina

Sextus Pontius Arvina
Human Optio
Serving in the capacity of Centurion Maritalis’ second-in-command, Arvina is the very definition of a reasonable, reliable, and dependable soldier. Where and when he can, Arvina attempts to shave the rough edges off Maritalis’ commands and brash leadership.  Arvina is the route through which the enlisted legionnaire can be heard by his centurion in Calcaria.  While Arvina speaks for, and represents the men serving in his century, he is also fiercely protective of Maritalis who chose him specifically for the role he serves.  The two officers work well together, and Arvina prides himself on protecting his commanding officer as much as he can.

Calcaria Region


Drustan, of the Iron Bears
Human barbarian chief
As chief of the Iron Bears, Drustan is responsible for leading the men, women, and children of the his clan in war, trade, and diplomacy.  Someone more open and friendly with the  Quelans than most other tribes of the region, the Iron Bears have benefited from the improved smithing and metalworking skills of his Imperial neighbors.  Drustan steadfastly believes that he his Iron Bears are more than a match for the dregs that the Wolf Spiders have picked from to build their new clan, but he sees the wisdom in allying with the other clans in the face of this new threat.


Boadicea, of the Broken Spears
Human barbarian chieftess
Chieftess of the Broken Spears, Boadicea is a world-weary leader, well into her sixth decade.  Her tribe is one composed mostly of non-combatants: unskilled women and the elderly, after the lion’s share of her fighting force has been poached out from underneath her by the Wolf Spider’s promises of conquest and glory.  She is a sly negotiator, and wise, as is befitting her years.  As such, she is open to the idea of banding together with the other tribes of the region, though she’s skeptical of Drustan’s openness to the idea – fully aware of how boastful the old bear can be, and she knows her people are distrustful and superstitious when it comes to the Empty Moon’s naturalism and spiritualism.


Silveryrush, of the Empty Moon
Wood elf barbarian chieftess
Leader and spokesperson for the Empty Moon Clan, Silveryrush is an esoteric contemplative leader.  She has been the guiding hand for her clan of seers, sages, rangers, and druids for longer than the Quelans have inhabited Britannia, remembering all too well the losses the free people of the island suffered at the hands of the encroaching legions.  Even so, she and her people are dedicated to a life of balance, and if the scale has swung towards civilizing progress, then her people will either adapt or dwindle away in the face of Imperial rule.  Her people have been insulated from the predations of the Wolf Spiders, but that cannot and will not last.  She, too, is open to allying with her neighbors in the face of this new self-grown threat.


General Publius

General Publius
Quelan Elf Imperial General
The highest ranking officer of the Imperial Legions in Britannia, Publius oversees the safety and security of every Quelan citizen south of Hadrian’s Wall.  In command of every Legion troop in Britannia, every centurion answers directly to him.

Currently headquartered in Eboracum, General Publius is aware of the dark elf threat, but is still gathering information as he decides on the best way to defend the empire in this foreign realm.