Player Characters

Cato Diotta
Level 4 Tiefling Cleric of Apollo

Cato Diotta, Tiefling Cleric of Apollo
Orphaned as a young child, Cato was raised in Apollo’s temple.  Somewhat sheltered by the priests who brought him up, Cato received a full education in the power, light, and glory that encompasses Apollo’s mission and works in the world, but the young tiefling is still somewhat naive about the prejudice his kind face in the world at large.  Now setting out to spread the light and wisdom of Apollo, Cato is on his own for the first time as he explores the empire.

Divine Relationships: +2 Apollo, +1 The Emperor

Dovum Gugg
Level 4 Brass Dragonborn Barbarian

Dovum Gugg, Brass Dragonborn Barbarian
A former sailor and Imperial marine, Dovum sailed the northern coast of Gaul hunting pirates.  During a particularly pitched naval confrontation with a trio of pirate ships, her boat went down.  Somehow the only survivor, Dovum found herself coughing up water on a strange Gallic shore surrounded by the debris that remained of the ship she once called home. Convinced she was spared by Neptune himself, Dovum set out to start a new life.

Divine Relationships: +3 Neptune

Level 4 Human Rogue

Mauric, Human Rogue
A deserter from the legions, Mauric is a hunted man.  Once serving as a scout to the II Parthica, Mauric grew disillusioned with life as a soldier – the endless marching, drilling, and setting up and tearing down of camp.  And so, one night he gathered up his meager belongings and, utilizing all his skill at avoiding detection, slipped past the sentries and beyond the picket lines and outer camp patrols.  On the run ever since, Mauric avoids detection by staying far away from the territories his former companions are garrisoned in.  The penalties for desertion is death, and Mauric is determined to avoid dying at the behest of anyone other than himself.

Divine Relationships: +2 Mercury, +1 Pluto

Level 4 Half-Orc Fighter

Bael’krin, Half-Orc Fighter
Before he was betrayed by both the soldiers under his command and his primus pilus, Bael’krin was a fast-rising star in the III Italica legion.  Rapidly ascending to the rank of Centurion, he was, despite the setbacks imposed by his parentage, an impressive soldier and young leader, bound to be noticed by the Trifectus or even Legatus, given enough time.  However, the men placed under his command would not abide taking orders from a lowly Malarum.  They conspired with a willing Primus to betray the young centurion, making it appear as if his commands had lead to a crushing defeat in the field of battle.  Men’s lives were lost, and their deaths were pinned to Bael’krin’s supposedly inept leadership.  Told he would be stripped of rank and demoted, Bael’krin resigned his post, and was allowed to leave the legion without the dishonor of desertion charges.

Divine Relationships: +1 Mars, +1 Juno, -1 Mercury

Level 4 Forest Gnome Wizard

Orphaned after a battle between Arietans and the Imperial Aquelans in Britannia, Sylvo was taken in by an Imperial defector named Flavius.  Instructed in the arcane arts by Flavius, the young Sylvo was a natural master of illusions.  When Flavius finally passed away, the gnome took it upon himself to carry on his former mentor’s work in seeking reconciliation and unification between the forest and Imperial elves.

Divine Relationships: