As recorded in the ancient Imperial histories…

At the dawn of the first day, the first of the creatures met among the five hills. The golden eagle Aquelus perched on a strong low branch of the World Tree. The great stag Arietas grazed beneath the Tree’s many boughs.

“I am wise, I am fast, and I can see all there is to see while riding the high winds,” said Aquelus as he looked at his brother. “I shall travel through all the world, conquer all the world, establish my dominion over all of it, and make a great gift of these things to my children.”


“You may do those things, as you say, brother,” counseled the wise stag Arietas. “But would we not better serve our children by teaching them to live in harmony with the land they will inherit, than to lord over it? Thus, shall I gift my children the ability to work the land, live within it, and be its keepers and guardians, rather than its conquerors.”

The brothers spoke then for a time, each trying to convince the other of the wisdom of their words. The sun would set over their shoulders and rise again three times as they talked before the brothers each let out a great sigh and agreed that they would never agree on how to provide for their peoples.

Finally, Arietas made a proposal. “We each shall do for our people as we would do for them, without the interference of the other. Time, and time alone will tell which of us is the wiser.”

Aquelus laughed and said, “Yes, Time will tell.”

And with that, an empire was born.